• Welcome to The Leadership Academy

  • At The Leadership Academy students are selected to be part of a new school in the Lancaster School District. Its purpose is to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of referred students through strong academics, behavioral interventions, and strong positive relationships with teachers. The curriculum focuses on project based learning, technology and development of leadership skills. At The Leadership Academy, students in 7th grade will develop critical, life-changing skills including taking personal responsibility, expressing themselves well, and making good decisions when problems arise.

    Leadership Academy Specifics:

    • The Leadership Academy serves students in 7th grade who have been referred from traditional campuses.
    • Class Structure: In multiple-subject, self contained classrooms, AVID strategies will be taught to assist students set goals to be career and college bound with a specific focus on leadership and character development. The targeted class size is just 25 students.
    • Teaching Style: Students will learn by rigorous academic content with direct teaching, student/peer group-work, academic tutoring, station rotations for individial learning, and project-based activities focusing on solving real-world problems from a local viewpoint. Students will be taught specific skills needed for success on the CAASPP state test.
    • Socio-emotional Learning: LeadWorthy teaches students to take personal responsibility, make good decisions when problems arise, and express themselves appropriately to avoid consequences. Focus is on building leadership skills, decision making, having healthy relationships, avoiding peer pressure, speaking in public, and setting goals. Students will develop positive self-concepts, self-control, internal motivation, communication skills, positive use of social media, and community service.
    • Technology Students will be taught Technology Enhanced Arts for Learning (TEAL) to blend art and technology and will have access to multimedia and science labs Studies show this approach results in increased academic achievement, deeper learning, self-confidence, motivation, improved social-emotional connections, better behavior, and preparation for success in our community.
  • The video above was created by students attending the Leadership Academy using a computer program called StoryMaker.