•  Foster Student Resources



    First of all, if you are a foster parent/guardian I want to thank you for taking in a student in need. It is not always an easy task but the love and care you give is always worth it. Don’t give up on them!

    If you are a foster student please know we at Endeavour care about you. Not just about your academic and professional growth but about your personal growth and specific needs.

    At Endeavour we are blessed to have an Educational Liaison who works specifically with our 7th and 8th grade foster students through a referral process. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity please contact me. My contact information is available on the Counselor Corner link.

  • Notes and Services for Foster Youth:

    • If a foster student must attend court on a school day please give the school notice and bring back an official document to show the student was in court to clear absences.
    • Transportation may be available if out of the zoned area and the student desires to continue at their school of origin.
    • Tutoring may be available through LACOE
    • Wrap around services may be available to assist our students
    • United Friends Scholars Program
      -United friends offers an 11-year educational support continuum that follows LA County foster youth from 7th grade until completion of a Bachelor’s Degree
      -Activities include: Free academic support and educational advocacy, ongoing support with a trained counselor, enrichment activities, workshops, college tours, social events, transportation, and emergency and enrichment grants.  

    Additional Resources: https://www.lancsd.org/domain/349