• Who We Are:

         Lancaster Alternative and Virtual Academy supports Lancaster School District’s vision of creating options and excellence in education, and empowering all students to reach their full potential.  LAVA provides a challenging curriculum that focuses on individual attention to student learning modalities and abilities. Our high quality, tuition-free program is an alternative to the traditional public education.

         LAVA provides students and families with a flexible schedule that blends on site instruction and support with online standards based core curriculum and electives.  Lancaster Alternative and Virtual Academy offers students in grades TK-2nd for Home Study, and grades 3rd through 8th for the Virtual Academy,  the opportunity to participate in this program. Students are individually assessed to determine the appropriate level of course work that would best serve their needs.

         Students are required to fulfill their individualized attendance hours and lesson requirements. These may include; mastery of lessons, physical education requirements, outside reading, and at home lesson completion.  Students are expected to follow school/district rules of conduct while on campus, and have off campus access to the internet for the Virtual Academy.

         Students who take advantage of this unique opportunity will have the benefit of excelling academically in an environment where students thrive!


    Jane D'Anna
    Director of Alternative Learning Opportunities