• Welcome to Desert View Elementary School! I am pleased to work with an outstanding staff that is profoundly dedicated to nurturing every aspect of your child's educational development. A true community of learners, our teachers, students and families work collaboratively to implement researched based best practices in order to promote student success.


    We treat our students as individuals by providing them with a differentiated program of study that is best suited for them based upon their ability, readiness, interests, learning styles and needs. Incorporating different modalities of instruction, coupled with our staff's continuous enrichment of their own knowledge base, we strive to ensure that each child's potential is met. In addition to academic growth, an essential component of a child's educational experience is social, emotional, and physical development. By providing a comprehensive learning environment that focuses on the whole child, we hope to assist each individual in developing an enthusiasm for learning that includes happiness and a positive self image.


    At Desert View Elementary, we are extremely proud of the learning environment that has been created. Our goal is to develop lifelong learners with strong character and an inquisitive nature. On behalf of the entire school community, I look forward to a wonderful school year.


    Eric George