• Mariposa Computer Science Magnet School

    Students at Mariposa live by the Monarch’s Rule

    Respect others 
    Understand we are here to learn 
    Lead by example 
    Everyone is safe


    Dear Mariposa Families,

    Welcome to a new and exciting school year. We are proud to announce the new name of our school which now reflects our school wide focus. Mariposa Computer Science Magnet School where we prepare our students to be innovative thinkers to provide solutions for our rapidly changing technical world. Our students will be taught coding skills from TK-6th grades. We will have a computer scientist on campus every Wednesday to work with student and teachers. Students will showcase “Epic Builds” 3 times this year using Lego robotics. We will continue to have after school coding club and Google Classrooms.

    Mariposa Computer Science Magnet School seeks to attract students who are interested in coding and computer science applications. This school year is an implementation year full of learning for both teachers and students.

    Students will need to apply themselves and work hard each day to learn grade level skills in reading, mathematics, social studies, science, and writing in two languages - English and code.

    My goal, as well as every staff member on campus at Mariposa Computer Science Magnet School, is to provide the highest quality education possible in a safe and supportive learning environment.

    Here are a couple of things you can do to support your child’s education at our school.

    1. Make sure your child is on time to school every day. Children must be present to learn.
    2. Meet the teacher and communicate often.
    3. Demonstrate a positive attitude about school and the teacher.
    4. Encourage your child to read every day.
    5. Talk to your child each day about what skills they are learning.
    6. Create a quiet space for homework at home and help your child with homework.
    7. Monitor video games and internet use. Social media is not advised for children under 13. Your child will get enough screen time at school.

    I am looking forward to an outstanding school year. The year will be busy, exciting, and hopefully rewarding for each student entrusted to our care.



    Michael Choate