• Homework is defined as student-learning activities conducted outside of regular classroom hours, which extend and support classroom-learning opportunities. It is not a displacement of, or substitute for, classroom instruction. The Lancaster School District considers homework to be an essential component of a well-planned instructional program and recognizes that it serves a variety of purposes including:

    • Improving student learning, performance, and achievement
    • Allowing students to build a sense of responsibility for their own education
    • Informing and involving parents in the educational process
    • Enabling students to develop regular study habits, time management, and self-discipline basic to effective study

    For specific questions regarding homework, please contact your child’s teacher or school directly. (Policy 6154)

    In addition, Live Homework Help (www.colapublib.org) is a free service offered to students in grades 4-12 by the Los Angeles County Public Library. All that is required is an Internet connection and a County of Los Angeles Public Library Card. The program connects students with qualified tutors in real time online via a chat mode and is available in English and Spanish.


    Our textbook publishers provide online resources as well to reinforce and support instruction.

    K-5 Language Arts Houghton Mifflin

    K-5 Math Macmillan McGraw-Hill

    6-8 Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies McDougal Littell (choose the appropriate grade and subject)

    6-8 Science Glencoe (choose California Programs and then appropriate grade level)