• Parent Emergency Release Steps

    1. Before arriving to school make sure to have picture ID available.
    2. Report to the East Gate on Fig Ave.
    3. Form a line along the East fence. You will be given a Reunification Form.
    4. Fill out reunification form.
    5. Gate Personnel will check I.D and Reunification Form and permit you on campus.
    6. Once you have entered the gate, locate your child’s class on the grass field. Teachers have signs. 
    7. Present ID and completed reunification form to the teacher.
    8. Receive your student.
    9. Proceed to designated exit sign. Give reunification form to exit gate personnel.
    10. Exit gate is by the park.


    Before the emergency drill, please make sure all information in InfoSnap is up to date. If you have not completed an updated online registration this year, please contact our office asap (661) 942-0437.