School Buzz Podcast


    Rebecca Cooksey hosts guests from around the Antelope Valley who are interested in creating positive and safe schools for children.

     Episode 1- Changes in Education. Guests: Dr. Michele Bowers, Bart Hoffman, and Lorraine Zapata
    Episode 2_Guests Tara Goines, Jorge Lopez, and Harmony Bell discuss the Summer of Exploration offered to students in Lancaster School District.
     Episode 3- A Tale of Two Schools. Guests Tyler Heckathorn from Linda Verde and Mechelle Reynolds from Fulton & Alsbury discuss the connection between two groups of 7th Graders.
    Episode 4- Why Teach? Guests Marla Zaun from Desert View, Kacee Forte from West Wind, and Amy Johnson from New Vista discuss why they became teachers and give advice to those new to the profession.
    Episode 5 Good Attendance- Guests Terrance Zenno and Stephanie Pielech discuss the importance of good school attendance. They also give parents information on when it is okay for your child to stay home.
    Episode 6- Testing Time- Guests Leslie Ruvalcaba and Alyson Hazard discuss standardized testing and how the data is used to support students.
    Episode 7- Mariposa Computer Science Magnet School. Guests Mike Choate, Dennis Burden, Anna Hill and Stephanie Hernandez discuss the implementation of Code to the Future at their school.
    Episode 8- 21st Century Teaching. Guests Matt Rhyne, Marshall Zuan, and Kaitlyn Mang discuss innovation and technology in the district.
    Episode 9- Child Nutrition Program in Lancaster School District. Guests Belinda Ross and Deby Candelaria provide lots of details about the how we feed students.
    Episode 10 - The Most Inspirational Teacher 2019. Our guest this week is Victoria, an 8th grade student at Amargosa Creek. She talks about Ms. Credille, Victoria's most inspirational teacher.
    Episode 11- New Teacher Support. Our guests are Carol Clauss from Lancaster School District and Mary Rees from Palmdale School District discussing supports for new teachers. Both educators are retiring this year in June 2019.
    Episode 12- A Career in Special Education. Guest Rick Filloon discusses his career in special education, programs for students, and the future of special education.
    Episode 13- Screen Time and Child Development. Guest Kelly Fountain, Director of Early Childhood, Education discusses the negative effect too much screen time has on small children and suggestions for parents to maximize educational benefits.
    Episode 14- What Do They Do In ITS? Guests David Bertelsen and Jared Willson discuss the job duties of Information Technology Services staff and how the department supports the classrooms.
    Episode 15- Summer School Students. Guests J'Quan, Emily, Brianna, Sakana, and Mia discuss their summer school experience and what they learned.
    Episode 16- English Language Learner Support. Guests Jordan Goines and Nayeli Chacon discuss how teachers and parents can support second language learners and the benefits of being bilingual.
    Episode 17- The Leadership Academy. Guest Kim Porter details the changes made at our community day school to support students and create leaders.
     Episode 18- Story Maker. Guest Terry Thoren, the co- creator of StoryMaker, is our guest. He discusses his motivation for developing the WonderGrove animation series and how Lancaster School District will use StoryMaker with students.
    Episode 19 School Safety. Guest Jenny Sampson discusses new technology used for school safety and best practices for keeping students safe.
    Episode 20- Title 1- Guests Cindy Queen and Erie Robertson inform us about Title 1 funds and how they are used at schools.
    Episode 21- Human Resources- Guest Mike Davis discusses his transition into the Human Resources Department and how the departments supports student achievement.
    Episode 22- VAPA. Guest David Denning, Principal at Nancy Cory Elementary, discusses the visual and performing arts focus at his school and the benefits for students.
    Episode 23- Professional Development. Guest Krista Thomsen discusses how the district designs professional development for teachers and how it affects to student achievement.


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