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Poems Written for Jack Northrop Elementary

A Jack Northrop Poem


Just wait one more second

and you will read this

confusing little poem that might 

keep you thinking hard. It's


not like your usual poem. It's

only for the bravest and truest explorers.

Read and reread this confusing little poem.

Then read it one more time. We all 

have our tricks and our intelligence.

Right now you may feel lost. This is

only for the bravest and truest explorers.

Perhaps you have found your way to the end.


                                          --Ken Waldman




An Extra-Special Jack Northrop Poem


Jingle Bells is a famous song. OJ,

a fine breakfast drink. California,

Colorado, Iowa are states. Magic

keeps you guessing. In the back


near their desks are some children.

One or two of you may like to go

run really fast and race really far.

Twelve or thirteen may like to eat

hamburgers or hot dogs or a dish

really full of pizza. Who'd rather

order a taco? Now I want you to

pick up your two hands and clap.


                                     --Ken Waldman



If you're reading these two poems, you saw Ken Waldman

at your school in late February 2019 thanks to the

amazing people at LPAC in downtown Lancaster.