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Public Review of Annual Accounting of Developer Fees

Public Review - Annual Accounting of Developer Fees for Fiscal Year 2020-2021

Government Code Section 66006 requires that local agencies which collect developer fees provide to the public for review an annual accounting of these fees within 180 days of the close of each fiscal year and of each fifth year. Government Code Section 66001 requires the district to make additional findings if there are any funds remaining in the Fund at the end of the prior fiscal year.

The annual and five year accounting must include:

  1. The amount of the fee:
  2. The beginning and ending balances of the account;
  3. The amount of the fees collected and the interest earned during the fiscal year;
  4. An identification of each public improvement of, the amount of the fees expended, and an identification of the percentage of the cost of the improvement that is being funded with the fees;
  5. For any improvements that are funded, but have not been completed, and identification of an approximate date of completion; and
  6. A description of each inter-fund transfer or roan made from the account, including the public improvement on which the transferred or loaned fees will be expended

 The Governing Board of the Lancaster School District will review the information at the next regularly scheduled meeting held no earlier than 15 days after the information became available to the public. The meeting will be held on December 14, 2021 at Park View Education Complex, Multi-Purpose Room, 808 West Avenue J, Lancaster, CA 93534. The detailed information required by Government Code Sections 66001 & 66006 is available for public review at the District Office, 44711 North Cedar Avenue, Lancaster, CA 93534 as of November 3, 2021. Please contact Ms. Kim Saracino at (661)948-4661 for additional information.

Read the full report here.