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Frequently Asked Questions



    1. Will I be able to use my own technology?

    Although it is preferred that students use district issued technology, they may use personal devices. Students using district equipment can be more effectively assisted by teachers and staff, and may be less prone to technology errors.

  • 2. How long will my child need to be on technology per day?

    Times will vary according to assignments and grade level.  

    3. Will the teacher(s) send a schedule to my child and me?

    Yes, a schedule will be presented at the beginning of the school year during the beginning of the orientation.  

    4. How do I go in and monitor my child’s progress?

    You will have access to PowerSchool and you will be able to monitor your child’s progress in the various programs, such as Google Classroom.  

    5. How will I know what work my child is doing?

    Students will be assigned to the teacher’s Google Classroom, which will list all assignments, projects, and due dates.  

    6. Will my child be given direct instruction?

    Yes, the teacher(s) will hold in-person, via Webex or a platform similar, to deliver direct instruction.  

    7. Will my child be working with other students on projects, etc?

    Yes, students will be collaborating with other students numerous times throughout the semester.  Collaboration is a key skill for each student to learn.  The teacher will be orienting the students as the time(s) come for those collaborative projects.

    8. What happens if my child falls behind?

    The teacher will notify the child and parent/guardian of missing assignments, and concerns if the child is falling behind.  A plan will be created with the parent-student-teacher in order to best assist the student and see positive growth.

    9. Will there be parent conferences virtually throughout the semester?

    Yes, the teacher will be holding parent conferences virtually at progress report time, and any other time if needed due to concerns about student progress.  

    10. I work during the day, so how will I be able to be in touch with the teacher?

    The teacher will try to accommodate, and work with each individual family and setup a mutually agreed upon time to collaborate with the teacher.

    11. What do we do if we are going out of town on a family trip?

    Please contact the office if you are going to be having your child out of school for 5 days or longer, in order to set up an Independent Study.  

    12. What is the difference between LAVA vs. other school programs?

    The LAVA program has:

    • Smaller school size

    • Blended-learning program

    • Unique program opportunities (i.e. Music program)

    13. Will there be parent classes to teach about technology?

    Before starting, there will be orientation presentations provided by the child’s teacher as to the expectations and “how to’s” of the class and classwork.  There will be workshops available to families throughout the year.  

    14. What do I do if my child is ill and cannot attend online sessions?

    Please email or use some form of contact (i.e. Class Dojo) to report your child’s absence to the teacher.  Another learning session needs to be arranged for the child with the teacher.

    15. I have two students that I want to attend LAVA, will they be put on the same schedule?

    Not necessarily, but based on the parent survey we will try our best to accommodate the family as to preferred schedules.

    16. My child has an IEP, how will he/she be serviced?

    If the IEP team agrees that Independent Study is an appropriate placement and that the needs and accommodations can be met through distance learning then the parent will need to bring the child at the specified time to receive services.  

    17. What happens if I want my child to move from the LAVA back to a comprehensive school?

    A parent/guardian must fill out a withdrawal form from LAVA, return all technology and equipment (i.e. Chromebook, hotspot) and call the new school to enroll.

    18. My child needs to talk to someone. Do you have a counselor?

    Yes, LAVA has a counselor.  If a student is in need of those services, then it is best to call the school office to seek help.

    19. I want to learn more about how I can help my child, is there a place I can go to learn?
  • The school district has resources that are available and resources will be available on the LAVA website via the district website.