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School Attendance


School attendance is an important component of academic success in school, especially in the LAVA program. Our Master Agreement outlines the attendance expectations for our students and families. Please refer to it as necessary.

Every day of school attendance counts. As highlighted on our school district's Attendance page, "Research shows good attendance supports academic achievement, and will give your student the best chance at future success. "

∙ Attendance is the number one predictor of graduation.

∙ Chronic Absenteeism is one of the strongest indicators of dropping out, even more than suspensions and test scores.

∙ A student who is chronically absent once in K-3 is 4x more likely to drop out.

∙ 83% of students who are chronically absent in kindergarten and first grade cannot read on-level by 3rd grade.

∙ Students not reading on-level by third grade are 4x more likely to drop out.

∙ By 6th grade, chronic absenteeism becomes a leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school.

∙ High school dropouts are 8x more likely to be incarcerated than people with high school diplomas.

∙ High school dropouts are NOT eligible for 90% of the jobs in America.

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