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School Traffic Safety- News from the Principal



Hello M.V. Parents,
This is an update regarding traffic issues around our school that I hope will be beneficial for all.
First, if you are double parking (in the middle of the street) to let your child out, or call your child over, it can be a possible parking violation of $76.  This morning, a city officer took pictures of over a dozen cars with this violation.  You will be receiving your ticket in the mail. 

Our duty aides out there seeing this violation are also asked to take pictures of license plates during this violation.

We are opening up new gates in the morning and the afternoon to help distribute the traffic flow.  We will re-open the KINDER gate in the mornings, hoping this will cut down on the mass craziness in the morning by the cafeteria gate.

AT THE END OF day, we are going to open up a NEW GATE at the far back of the school at the corner of 13th Street West and Jackman.  A duty aide will be present at the gate.  You may park your car on Jackman or 13th.  IF THIS is where you want to pick up your child, make sure that THEY know this is where you will meet them.

We are working hard to develop the best plan for traffic.  Please follow traffic laws and parking laws.  There are signs that say NO STOPPING in front of the school, which means you can quickly drop off and quickly move on safely.  Our streets are narrow and we are working with what we have but we need our parents to follow the laws and your cooperation.  Thank you.


Thank you,  Mrs. Anderson