Sunday Call 10/21

Sunday Call 10/21


Hello Endeavour Families,

this is Ms. Newlander calling with your weekly Raven update.   Please remember if you miss any part of this call it will be available on the on the Endeavour Middle Facebook Page.  
Halloween 2018 is going to be a great time with lots of student activities including  a dance. Costumes will be worn on Wednesday, October 31. When students plan their costume, please remember the guidelines: length and style of costumes must follow school dress code and be school appropriate; masks of any kind are not allowed; props like guns, wands, clubs, etc. aren't allowed; violent, gang, gory, and illegal activity costumes are also not allowed; most important - if a costume is determined by the school staff to be inappropriate for school, your student will be changed into loaner clothes for the day and the costume will be held in the office.  Last, candy is not allowed on campus and if it is found or out during school hours, staff will put it in the trash.  Let's work together to have a great and safe Halloween!

Endeavour will be participating in a late Great American Shake Out this Thursday.

We celebrate Red Ribbon Week starting this week, we will have special dress up days as we celebrate, “Life is a journey . Travel drug free.”
Wednesday we have School Site Council 3:30 in the library and Booster Club 6:00 at Vince’s Pizza and Pasta.  
For their safety, students should not arrive until 7:40 and picked no later than 3:30 or no more than 15 minutes after their activities.  No student drop off or pick up is to be done in any parking lot.  When walking, students should practice safety, follow traffic rules, and be aware of traffic.     Please do not encourage your child to jaywalk across any street, especially 45th Street. Students are to walk bicycles to and from the school entry gate and students with skateboards and /or scooters are not allowed to ride them on campus. 
Help support the school by participating in  Popcornoplis  fundraiser.     It makes great Christmas presents and students can earn great prizes.  
Booster Club is collecting box tops.  Deposit them in the box in the front office.  
Here are your weekly announcements:
Monday is college dress day wear a shirt or jersey of the school you would like to attend.  Boosts after school ending at 4:00. 
Tuesday is a minimum day students will be dismissed at 1:02.  It is wear red day.
Wednesday is super hero shirt or cape day. Boosts and Cross Country practice ending at 4:00.  School Site Council meets at 3:30 in the library and Booster Club meets at 6:00 at Vince’s Pizza and Pasta.
Thursday is wear checkers day. We will have an earthquake drill.  Cross country meet at Tropico Middle School. Students may be picked up at the end of their race or ride the bus to Endeavour to be picked up.
Friday  is twin day.    

Have a great week RAVENS