The Chromebook drops from my personal WiFi. All my other devices work. What's going on?

Posted by: Cary Majano

I did research about the home Wi-Fi connectivity limits for Spectrum and found out that each Wi-Fi router combo is limited to only 10 IP addresses. This is the limit Spectrum gives to its residential customers, and it is indicated in their terms of service. It is a way to prevent home networks from being used by businesses. The way to get around this is to buy your own internet router, and have Spectrum provide a modem. That way, theoretically, 250 devices can be connected to the Wi-Fi network. So for families that have a large amount of connected devices, it is better to buy a router than to go through Spectrum. It does not matter how many devices are connected or being used at the time. It only matters that the device was used. "Today, U.S. households own an average of 11 connected devices, including seven with screens to view content (e.g. smartphones or TVs), a study from Deloitte." found."  Please check with your ISP provider for more information regarding your device limits.

Cary Majano