Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday, November 2, 2018

1). On the menu today you have your choice between chicken patty and relish cup, pizza special, or a shaker salad and banana bread.

2). Attention Boys: Today is the Final Day to turn in your Basketball tryout form to Room 204! If you do not have your basketball form turned in today you will not be allowed to tryout. PERIOD. Monday November 5th will be the first day of tryouts, however if you do no turn in your tryout form today you will NOT be allowed to Tryout for the Mighty Cougar basketball team.

3). Do you have a "B" average in your classes?  An "A" in citizenship?  Now all you need to do is get 25 or more hours doing Community Service and you will receive the Award of Excellence at 8th Grade Promotion.  Please pick up the forms outside of Ms. Ercek's room, room 106 and get started.  Any questions about what counts as community service, see Ms. Ercek at 6th period lunch or after school.

4). Attention Girls: If you are interested in trying out for the Mighty Lady Cougar Basketball teams you need to pick up a tryout form in the Student Information Center. All tryout forms need to be turned in on Friday November 8th or you will not be allowed to tryout. PERIOD. Once again if you do not turn in your tryout out application to Mrs. Sloan in room 132, you will not be allowed to tryout for the Mighty Lady Cougar Basketball team without your permission slip. Just to remind you NO EXCPETIONS will be made, the Tryout form must be turned in to room 132 by FRIDAY, November 8th.

5). Perfume and body sprays are not allowed on campus.


7). Students make sure you are on time to your classes. The admin team will be having more tardy sweeps in the weeks to come. We need to be sure we are on time to classes.

8). Fellow students DO NOT WALK ON THE MEDIAN on Ave J, your life is worth more than being cool. We need to be safe out there Cougars so follow safety laws.