Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

1). 6th/7th grade teachers heading to Mulligan’s please do not bring your students through the front office.

2). As a friendly reminder the front doors are not to be used to enter or exit the campus.

3). 6th and 7th grade students if you have a sibling promoting on Thursday get your pass to promotion by visiting the Student Window.

4). Yearbooks are sold out.

5). There is still time to get your 8TH GRADE PROMOTION T-SHIRTS RIGHT NOW. MOST SIZES ARE $10.00. GET YOURS TODAY IN ROOM 127.

6). All Students please remember to bring in any and all library books you have checked out. They need to be returned to the library as soon as possible.

7). Any 8th grade students attending Lancaster High next year there is sport information as well as Air Force JROTC in the Student Information Center.