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  • "The best way to predict your future is to create it." ~ Abraham Lincoln

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Tech Check Grades K-2

    • Student uses basic keyboarding skills
      • K: Letter identification
      • 1st: 5-10 words a minute
      • 2nd: 10-20 words a minute
    • Student illustrates and communicates original ideas and stories using digital tools and media rich resources.
    • Student identifies, researches, and collects data using digital resources and proposes a developmentally appropriate solution.
    • Student works in collaborative groups to produce a digital presentation or product in a curriculum area.
    • Student finds and evaluates information related to a current or historical person or event using digital resources.
    • Student uses simulations and graphical organizers to explore and depict patterns of growth such as life cycles of plants and animals.
    • Student demonstrates the safe and cooperative use of technology.
    • Student communicates about technology using developmentally appropriate and accurate terminology.
    • Student demonstrates the ability to navigate in virtual environments such as electronic books, simulation software, and websites.
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Tech Check Grades 3-5

    • Student can appropriately use keyboarding skills.
      • 3rd Grade--One paragraph in a single sitting
      • 4th Grade--One page in a single sitting
      • 5th Grade--Two pages in a single sitting
    • Student produces a media-rich digital story or report using formatting and editing tools.
    • Student uses digital presentation software to modify/create works of art, graphically display information and communicate effectively during oral presentations.
    • Student recognizes bias in digital resources while researching an issue with guidance from a teacher.
    • Student selects and applies digital tools to collect, organize, and analyze data to evaluate theories or test hypothesis.
    • Student identifies and investigates issues and generates possible solutions using digital tools and resources.
    • Student conducts science experiments using digital instruments and measurement devices.
    • Student conceptualizes, guides, and manages individual or group learning projects using digital planning with teacher support.
    • Student uses technology appropriately to prevent injury to self or damage to equipment.
    • Student debates the effect of existing and emerging technologies on individuals, society, and the global community.
    • Student practices safe behavior on the web and understands copyright law with guidance from the teacher.
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Tech Check Grades 6-8

    • Student is fluent in keyboarding skills, editing tools, and can produce a multi-page document in one sitting.
    • Student describes and illustrates a content-related concept or process using a model, simulation, or concept-mapping software.
    • Student uses and modifies spreadsheets and databases to analyze data and propose solutions.
    • Student gathers data, examines patters, and applies information for decision making using digital tools and resources.
    • Student participates in cooperative/collaborative learning projects within the classroom and outside the classroom.
    • Student evaluates digital resources to determine the credibility of the author/publisher and the timeliness and accuracy of the content.
    • Student selects and uses the appropriate tools and digital resources to accomplish a variety of tasks to solve a problem.
    • Student integrates a variety of file types to create and illustrate a document or presentation.
    • Student demonstrates basic computer science skills such as programming or animation.
    • Student explains and correctly uses technical terms related to networks, computers, and online learning.
    • Student practices safe behavior on the web, understands copyright law, and can explain terms associated with safe/effective/efficient use of telecommunications.
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Miller Dress-Up Days

  • 2018-2019 Miller's Dress-Up Days


    11/28 - Super Heroes Day

    12/12 - Disney & Cartoon Characters Day

    1/23 - If I Were The Principal, Everyone Wear Pink Day

    2/27 - Crazy Hair, Hats, & Socks Day

    3/15 - Mustache Day

    4/24 - Jersey & Favorite Team Day

    5/28 - Retro Day

    6/4 - Dress Like A Jaguar, Jaguar Shirts Day

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California PBIS Coalition

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