• E Robertson Welcome and Welcome Back New and Returning Miller Jaguars!

    It is my privilege and honor to be the Principal of John and Jacquelyn Miller Elementary School. Last year was amazing thanks to all of the fabulous Jaguars that culminated and those that are returning this year. Miller saw some changes, a lot of growth, and many, many successes in the 2018-2019 school year. I am confident that our school community will have even more successes and achievements this new year as we all continue to learn, grow and work together to do and be the very best we can.

    To all of our new students and their families, let me be the first to say we are happy you are with us! I know it can feel challenging to be the 'new kid' at a  “new school”. You might be feeling a little nervous wanting to make a good first impression, and start the year off right?  I am here to personally assure you new students and parents that everyone at Miller will make you feel welcome and embraced on the very first day. It is our committed to  you. You belong here and we welcome you with open arms to the 2019-2020 academic school year at Miller Elementary. 

    In keeping with the theme of “New”, I am also absolutely thrilled to introduce the following new staff members and Teachers at Miller this year. Please join me in extending them a warm welcome and be sure to greet them and introduce yourselves when you see them "Out and about“ on campus.

    NEW 2019-2020 STAFF

    Assistant Principal- Mrs. Elizabeth Lobos

    Secretary- Mrs. Marylyn Pontis

    Supervision Aide- Ms. Darnisha Johnson

    Cafeteria Manager- Ms. Lise Freeman


    NEW 2019-2020 TEACHERS

    1st Grade

    Ms. K.Puls

    4th Grade

    Mr. F. Ramirez

    Ms. M. Martinez

    5th Grade

    Mr. E. Trejo

    Ms. M. Salazar

    6th Grade 

    Mr. R. Jackson

    Last but not least, I want to share a few new activities Miller Elementary School will be hosting over the course of the new school year. We did Lunch on the Lawn for the first time ever at Miller in the 2018-2019 school year so technically, it is can still be considered a "New” school activity. Which is why I am delighted to report that from all accounts it was a grand successful! I and the office staff received so much positive feedback from students, parents, and caretakers about how much they enjoyed it that Miller is happily doing it again this school year as well! Miller will host two Lunch on the Lawn activities this year, one each semester and I am truly looking forward to seeing you all there at the first one of the year in Just few months. A new "new" thing we will be rolling out this year at Miller Elementary School is Family Night. We are so excited about this because it will be the first Family Night Activity that Miller Elementary School has ever under taken since it opened in 2000. Miller will host one fun-filled family Night each quarter with the last quarter of the year culminating in an open house where everyone will be able to on display all of our students’ hard work, growth, and success over the academic year.

    In closing, as Principal at Miller Elementary School, this welcome letter would be incomplete if, in addition to talking about some of the fun activities planned for this year, it didn't touch on the more pedestrian but no less important issues of our school's culture and the behaviors that are expected of everyone in this education community. Miller Elementary School is a recognized as a leader in the PBIS program district wide. The following four PBIS expectations for our students’ behaviors, -Responsible, Respectful, Ready and Safe-are foundational to everything we do here to give our students a quality education that speaks to the whole child.

    We, at Miller, understand that educating our students is not a compartmentalized endeavor. We have each individual student in our care, custody, and under our protection for a finite amount of time each day but we receive the whole child every morning. We understand and value that every adult on this campus that serves the children on it is in an active relationship with that child's family, caretaker, guardian either directly, as teachers, aids, office personnel, or indirectly, as I.T., Custodial care, food service. We take that reality very seriously. It ought to inform what you can expect from us here at Miller Elementary School as well as what we expect from you and the children in your care that we have the privilege of educating. We all impact one another and therefore have a duty and responsibility to each other and the larger, surrounding neighborhood that houses our educational community.  We've got this! Let's collectively agree to start this 2019-2020 academic school year at John and Jacqueline Miller Elementary School with our very best selves! Welcome Miller Jaguars!


    Ms. Erie Robertson