• Dear Parents/Guardians,

                Welcome to the start to the 2020-2021 school year!  The El Dorado teachers and staff are enthusiastically preparing for the 2020-21 school year.  In the proceeding three years before the Covid-19 outbreak, our El Dorado Eagle students improved their academic levels on California State Standardized Tests.  Their success was a collaboration of students, parents and teachers!   Additionally, our PBIS supports are bar none as we were again a Nationally Recognized Capturing Hearts School!  We are excited to build on those improvements and help our STUDENT EAGLES SOAR!

    Although our start is not ideal, we will begin the year on Tuesday, August 11 with distance learning.  This will include a morning session and an afternoon session that include live instruction, an intervention and support block, as well as asynchronous time for students to do assignments, i-Ready, System 44, Read 180U.

    In order to ensure the best outcome, every student from 1st through fifth grade will be checked out a chromebook, headset, and charger.  Grades TK and K will receive packets of work for the first few weeks and then technology support will follow soon after.

    We have created a schedule for family pick up of technology, supplies and books for next week.  These are vital for the success of your child.  On Wednesday, Aug., 5 we begin with 5th grade at 8am and 4th grade at 12:30 pm. On Thursday, Aug. 6 we begin with 3rd grade at 8am and 2nd at 1230pm; on Friday, Aug. 6 1st grade at 8am and then TK and K at 1230pm.  Makeups will take place on the following Monday, August 10 starting at 8am.  I WILL BE SENDING A SCHEDULE WITH DATES AND TIMES shortly to your email address and phone number.

    Remember: Students must be reregistered for school in order to pick up supplies.  You can go to https://reg.lancsd.org/login to register.

    On your scheduled date, please park in the parking lot and walk to the Kindergarten gate where your temperature will be taken.  Please have your ID present for pick up. Please wear your mask and follow the 6 ft apart distance protocol.  Tape on the ground will indicate the 6 ft spacing rule. You will make your way to the cafeteria, where you will fill out a form and pick up items.  You will exit from the cafeteria at the west exit door.


    The El Dorado teachers, staff and administrative team are prepared and beleive that our El Dorado Eagles will have a productive and successful educational year!  In concert with parents, community partners and the Lancaster School District Support Staff I am confident of our children have an exciting year ahead.    

                Please join us at Back to School Night to be held on Wednesday, August 19 from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m.  The event will provide an opportunity for parents and community members to discuss the 2020-21 school year, learn what wonderful plans the teachers and I have for our students for distance learning.  Finally, you will have an opportunity to ask questions that you may have!  I look forward to meeting you either virtually and in person.   Please contact me if you have any questions, or if I can be of assistance.


    Here is a copy of our School COmpact for you to review.

     School and Parent Compact

    1. The CO-OPERATIVE COMPACT for STUDENT SUCCESS (CCSS) and outlines responsibilities and expectations.   By signing the agreement, a student will own their behaviors and know their responsibilities.  Parents sign when they review the agreement with their child.  Parents can also reinforce expectations and assist their child understand expectations and, of course, with homework.  Teachers will return a signed copy to the parent and keep the agreement on file.  It will be reviewed by the teacher with the class.  As necessary, individual discussions will be conducted with students that require reminder and encourage the student to meet expectations.
    2. The PARENT RESOURCE for EDUCATIONAL PROGRESS (PREP) and outlines the PREP volunteer program.  The objective is to provide opportunities for parents / guardians / grandparents and other interested community members to actively participate in classroom and campus activities.  There are many ways to help:  in the classroom helping students with lessons, reading with students, assisting the teacher with individual attention and on campus with school activities.  Volunteer resources are important for a child’s school experience, added assistance for school staff and also for individual volunteers!   Please review the program and consider being an Eagle Volunteer.
    3. The PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION (PTO) and outlines organizational objectives.  Of course, the organization provides an important service to our school and our children.  Please consider participating with this active supportive group.