• Dear Sunnydale Community,
    As principal I want to share my passion and belief about the students we serve:
    I believe that our students are the most important people on our campus. They are the purpose of our work. Our students deserve the best from us. I relish every opportunity to positively impact the lives of our students!
    Parents have the most influence over their children. What a parent values or believes is important is also important to the child(ren) in that family. If parents value education and believe it is important, so will children.
    It is my goal to work tirelessly in ensuring that every child at Sunnydale School learns the necessary concepts and skills required by the state of California. Our teachers are very passionate and care a great deal about every child’s learning. We expect every child to put forth a sincere effort in learning. We expect each child to follow school rules and learn from both successes and failures. Failure is an opportunity to succeed the next time! As a school, our goal is to work with our students, parents, and community, in developing positive relationships. Our goal is to prepare and deliver rigorous learning with high expectations for all students.
    To meet these goals it is paramount that each student is in school “all day” learning. Maintaining good attendance is critical to the success of each child! When a student misses a day of school he or she misses important instructional lessons where key concepts or skills are often introduced. This puts the student at a disadvantage when he or she returns because of gaps in his or her learning, and that gap, creates a need to play catch-up to lessons that have already been taught in class. Not only do absences affect each child, tardies into class also greatly impact them! Late entrances can disrupt classroom instruction for all and at Sunnydale we cannot afford these interruptions. Students leaving early also miss out on critical concepts and skills and disrupt learning in the classroom. This year we will not only be tracking tardies to school, we will also be tracking early outs at the end of the school day. As a reminder, 3 tardies of 30 minutes or more are equivalent to an absence for perfect attendance incentives. We appreciate it when children arrive to school on time and stay all day. It is vital that both the school and home work together to provide a quality educational experience for every child.
    I wish everyone the best and I look forward to working with you this year! Preparing students for future success, I believe, is a team effort!