• Hello Piute Middle School Students and Parents, 

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  My name is Dr. Solomon D. DeFrancis and I am excited to kick off the new year! Our staff is committed to providing all of our students a quality and rigorous education in an environment that is positive and safe.  Parents, you are an important member of the Piute family! We understand and appreciate that our efforts to better serve students is made easier with your support.  

    The staff at Piute has very high expectations of our students and ourselves.  We are striving to expose our students to a campus in which career and college readiness is a major focal point. Rest assured, your child will experience great opportunities to learn and grow academically and emotionally. Our goal is for students to experience proficiency in all core subjects and to prepare them for high school courses.  The Piute staff prides itself in giving every student the foundational skills, positive behavior support, and preparing them for success in college and/or their career path.

    During the first week of school, your student will attend a welcome assembly showcasing all of the ways to be involved and successful.  Please read the Piute Planner or Tri-fold with your student to reinforce these conversational topics at home.

    • Piute Planner – Students use this daily to write assignments, homework, tests, etc. and are expected to show this to parents each night.
    • PowerSchool Parent Portal – Please check on grades and assignments daily.  Students will receive a password from their Homeroom teacher.
    • Teacher Emails – Communicate frequently as our teachers will respond with 24 hours.
    • Positive Can-Do Attitude – Students will pay attention, ask questions, seek help when necessary, participate rigorously, and be a positive addition to the classroom every day.
    • Assignments – Do them when they are assigned.   It takes 14 A’s to make up one F (or zero) on an assignment.  Missing assignments are the #1 reason students fall into academic probation.
    • Keep Your Eye on the Prize – Pick a career or college, work towards that goal, and know that with hard work, determination and follow-thru, you’ll reach your dream.
    • Short and Long Term Academic Goals – Establish them now, write them down, post on the refrigerator, and refer to them often.
    • Get Involved – Participate in a sport, club or elective to showcase your special talents.
    • Choose Friends Wisely – Surround yourself with people who cause you to make the right choices about your behavior and academics.

    Again, the 2019-2020 school year will be amazing!  Let’s work together to insure that all students at Piute Middle School have a positive and memorable school experience filled with academic success, social awareness, and school pride!  Have a fantastic year Warrior families!


    Solomon D. DeFrancis
    Piute Middle School

    Dr. DeFranics