• Nancy Cory Elementary School offers excellent educational opportunities for students and families in Lancaster. Our goal is to develop students who are 21st Century Learners and possess the knowledge and skills necessary for College and Career Readiness. Nancy Cory Elementary School holds high expectations for student achievement and we truly believe that ALL students can be successful through hard work and perseverance. We know that parents, family and the community play a valuable role in the education of the student.

    Nancy Cory Elementary School offers a variety of educational opportunities for all students, whether they need extra support, more challenging curriculum, or somewhere in between. Regardless of the student’s learning level, we offer a rigorous curriculum with high expectations.

    Nancy Cory Elementary School is a Visual and Performing Arts Academy (VAPA) school in which students are able to access Drama, Music, Art and Technology on a daily basis. We also offer a variety of after-school enrichment opportunities for students.

    Nancy Cory Elementary School offers a safe and secure campus where students are able to pursue their education without fear of harm or harassment.

    All adults on campus are dedicated to ensuring student safety and students know that they can depend on the adult to give assistance when needed.

    Nancy Cory Elementary is a family and community friendly school where students are given the opportunity to become lifelong learners as they progress through their educational experience.


    David A. Denning


    Mr. Denning