• Awards and Recognitions

    “Student of the Month” will be awarded monthly at a 4th through 6th grade assembly.

    Awards Given At Academic Assemblies may include:

    • · Teachers give out subject awards of their choice
    • · Perfect Attendance (no absences or tardies)
    • · 4.0 GPA: Superintendent's Honor Roll
    • · 3.5 - 3.99 GPA: Principal’s Honor Roll
    • · Outstanding Effort
    • · Presidential Award of Excellence
    • · Student of the Week (Gr 1-3; given in class)

    Note: Other awards may be given out during the school year


    Contacting Nancy Cory teachers

    Parents may call 661-722-1010 and leave a message. Please understand that during school hours classrooms will not be disturbed. Written notes may also be given to your child to give to the teacher. All teachers have district email. Type the last name and first initial of your student’s teacher and follow that with @lancsd.org. Parents may also e-mail teachers through the staff links at the school website. Please give teachers a day or two to reply. If emailing is not successful, call the main school number and leave a message. For example, teacher Robert Smith’s email would be:



    Accessing the PowerSchool Parent Portal

    You may monitor your child’s progress throughout the school year using the PowerSchool Parent Portal. You can access information on current grades, attendance and assignments by accessing the Parent Portal Website:


    Usernames and passwords will be sent home during the first weeks of school and can be requested any time by calling the administrative office.


    Nancy Cory School Web Site

    Current information about school hours, events holidays, forms and announcements is available at:


    District Website



    District Handbook for Students

    A complete English and/or Spanish copy of the district handbook for students is available on the Nancy Cory School website and the Lancaster School District website.


    Visiting School

    Parents or persons on the emergency card are welcome to visit the school. Visits to classrooms must be pre-arranged with the teacher(s) and/or administration. Common areas like hallways, playground, and lunch with students are closed to non-school employees. When coming on campus, visitors must register with the front desk and wear a visitor sticker or badge at all times in a visible place. In order to maintain a safe and secure school, any/all person(s) visiting the school are required to sign in at the administration office.


    Academic Expectations

    Academic dishonesty or cheating (including plagiarism of print, electronic material, or forging signatures) will prompt disciplinary action. These actions could include:

    * Notification to student

    * “F” or zero on the assignment/quiz/test/exam

    * Notification of parent/guardian

    * Opportunity to make-up an assignment/quiz/test/exam is at the teacher’s discretion.

    * Possible further actions include, but are not limited to: Notification to administration, in-/out of school suspension, loss of extra-curricular privileges.

    There will be awards and recognition for effort and academic excellence.


    Nancy Cory DRESS CODE

    The standards of dress at Nancy Cory emphasizes that we are concerned with the education and safety of students. We expect students to dress appropriately for the learning environment. Our dress code is in place to assist in creating an effective climate for learning and safety on our campus.


    Student Expectations/Requirements:

    • · All clothing must be worn in the manner for which it is designed.
    • · All clothing must fit (no more than four inches from the length in width and no pants dragging on the ground.) No oversized or sagging clothing.
    • · Girls’ clothing (jumpers, skorts or shorts) must fit and shorts, skorts, skirts and dresses must reach mid thigh. In general, shorts, skorts, skirts and dresses must be as long or longer than the student’s longest finger with arms naturally at their sides. This requirement is in place regardless of tights, leggings, or shorts worn underneath.
    • · Shirts/blouses may not be transparent, see-through, low cut, strapless, or reveal a bare midriff. Stomachs and shoulders must be covered and no cleavage may be visible.
    • · Shirts and blouses must have sleeves. No tank tops, w/straps less than 1” wide, tube tops, crop tops, fishnet, sleeveless tops or spaghetti-strap style tops are allowed.
    • · No dangling or large hoop earrings are acceptable (earrings cannot be larger than the size of a quarter). “Gauges” or “pointed” ear rings are not permitted.
    • · Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times; no slippers, flip flops, backless sandals, open-toed shoes or heels over 1”.
    • · Pants cannot have holes, slit or frayed legs unless longer than the middle finder of your child’s hand and pant legs cannot be pulled up. This rule is in place regardless of tights or leggings worn underneath.
    • · Visible pierced jewelry is limited to the ears only. Students may not wear jewelry in the nose, eyebrow, lip, tongue, cheek, or other facial area. Belly button jewelry is also prohibited.
    • · No articles of clothing, jewelry, paraphernalia or accessories that are a threat to the physical well being and safety of students will be allowed.
    • · No pajamas or house shoes are allowed.
    • · No garment with offensive pictures and/or words may be worn (e.g. sexual innuendoes, etc.)
    • · Caps, hoods and hats are appropriate outside to protect from weather and must be worn in a manner that provides protection. Head coverings are not to be worn inside buildings or classrooms.
    • · Anything that distracts from the smooth functioning of the school program, as determined by the administration, is unacceptable. As styles change, we reserve the right to make alterations in the dress code as necessary.

    School staff will enforce the Nancy Cory Dress Code Policy. Students who do not come to school appropriately dressed will be asked to call home for a change of clothing. Students who persist in violating the district’s standards may be issued consequences and/or be required to change clothes.


    Lunch on the Lawn

    Parents may come and eat lunch with their child on the Tuesdays that are a minimum day. You may sign in on the cafeteria side of campus and be allowed to eat with your child during their lunch periods. The following dates are minimum days and will be our LUNCH ON THE LAWN Days:


    September 19th

    October 24th

    January 23rd

    February 20th

    April 17th

    May 22nd

    These dates are subject to change pending scheduling issues, weather, etc.



    As per the California Education Code, fighting, disrespect, profanity, stealing, destruction of school property, vandalism are unacceptable behaviors while at school, as well as on the way to and from school. Students who are involved in physical altercations (fights) and students who harass other students may be disciplined up to suspension and/or expulsion.

    Students may not possess or be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any controlled substance. In addition, students may not be in possession of weapons such as knives, guns, or any object that could be used as a weapon. Students who do so may be disciplined up to expulsion and may be referred to school deputies.

    Students instigating fights will be held accountable for their actions. PARENTS—please work with us and remember that school rules may differ from home rules. School rules dictate that if a student “hits back”, he/she may receive the same consequences as the person who “started” the fight. Students need to report problems to an adult on campus before a fight results.

    Students are strictly forbidden from engaging in “play-fighting”, slapping, wrestling, tackle football, or other forms of dangerous physical contact. Too many times innocent “playing” escalates into physical altercations. A safe campus environment must be maintained for students and events. Students who disrupt school may receive disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion.


    The Visual & Performing Arts

    Nancy Cory Elementary is continuing a focus on the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA). This focus on VAPA gives families from across the entire Lancaster School District yet another educational option for their children. The arts can help teach children the value of perseverance and hard work, as well as how to make good judgments about qualitative relationships. There is a strong positive relationship between the arts and academic success. Weaving the visual and performing arts throughout the core curriculum enhances our studies of the arts, their historical, cultural, and social impact. A VAPA focus helps our students celebrate multiple perspectives and develop an understanding of the influence individuals have had through the arts. We at Nancy Cory envision a school whose emphasis on the Visual and Performing Arts develops a 21st Century understanding of what a career in the arts could look like by challenging and bringing out the very best in our students. We believe this program will be attractive to children & parents across the entire Antelope Valley.



    In order for your child to succeed academically and to be prepared for the next grade level, it is critical that your child is at school each day and on time. Incentives are put into place each quarter for those students with perfect attendance. In the event that your child is absent, please call or send a note the next day. School starts at 7:45 am and ends at 2:10 p.m. on minimum days, school ends at 12:05 p.m.


    Bullying or Threatening

    Nancy Cory Elementary will not tolerate bullying or threatening behavior by students. This includes but is not limited to: verbal threats, physical intimidations, phone calls, electronic texting, emails, Facebook, other social media and/or websites. Students who engage or participate in bullying may receive disciplinary actions including suspension, expulsion, and referral to the school deputy.


    Student Hall Passes/Truancy

    Students must obtain a teacher’s approval to be out of class. A signed hall pass may also be acceptable. Students who leave their classroom or supervised class area without the appropriate permission may be considered truant and/or receive disciplinary actions.


    Personal Property

    Please do not bring important or valuable personal items to school. While we pride ourselves on maintaining a safe learning environment for students, we cannot guarantee thefts will not occur.


    Nancy Cory Cell Phone Policy

    Cell phones or electronic devices are not to be used at school and must remain in a backpack and turned off. If a cell phone or similar device is seen or heard, the student may be issued a consequence and/or the device will be confiscated and held in the administration office until a parent picks it up. Any cell phone or electronic device remaining at the school after the last day will be donated to charity the following Friday.

    NOTE — Please be careful sending your student to school with expensive cell phones or electronic devices as they are easily lost or stolen. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices.


    Lost and Found

    All clothing and non-valuable items found will be placed in a bin in the cafeteria. Any electronic or valuable items are kept elsewhere. If you cannot locate your property please come to the administration office. Items left a school will be donated to local charities twice a year—once during holiday break and once after the last day of school.


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