• Oh! The places you'll go!

    Dear Sierra Families,

              I am honored to introduce myself as the principal at Sierra Elementary School. It is my privilege to help shepherd your students through this next phase of their journey through school. It is my greatest hope that your students will come to see Sierra as their second home; a place filled with people who care deeply for them, who expect great things from them, and who are willing to go the extra mile to facilitate their success. Here at Sierra, there are a few foundational beliefs that guide us each and every day.

     ~At Sierra, we believe in family~

              We believe that the family is the child’s first, and most important teacher. Our goal is provide a welcoming environment in which our families feel encouraged to collaborate alongside us, working together to help ensure their students’ success. Our doors are open and we invite you to join us. We ask that you engage in the conversation with us as we explore your students’ strengths and needs. My goal is that we develop meaningful relationships with one another, and with your students, as we strive to ensure every student’s safety, health, and happiness.

    ~At Sierra, we believe in high expectations~

              As a principal, I expect great things from my staff. I believe that Sierra has outstanding educators who come to work each day determined to see our students reach their potential. I expect our students to receive the quality education they deserve. We commit to providing your students with relevant, engaging, standards-based instruction on a daily basis. We believe that ALL students have the potential to learn and that it is our responsibility to provide each and every student with the unique support and encouragement that he or she needs to achieve success.

    ~At Sierra, we believe in an optimal learning environment~

              At Sierra, our goal is to provide a physical environment that overcomes obstacles to learning. We strive to provide our students with a safe, clean, and orderly campus. Our classrooms are inviting and designed to facilitate 21st Century learning. Students are orchestrated in ways that promote communication and collaboration. Our technology, resources, and curriculum are carefully selected to ensure that we are preparing students for college and career. Our procedures, policies, and practices are designed with student’s safety and security as the number one priority.

              Education is one of life’s greatest journeys. We are blessed with immense joy each time we help students to discover the endless opportunities that await them. I invite you on this journey with us, as we dis-cover the wonderful places your children will go!

    Mrs. Rebekah McConnell
    Principal, Sierra Elementary School