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    Lancaster Alternative and Virtual Academy offers a rigorous program for students in grades K-8. Students work online and in small instructional groups. This program is best suited to independent learners who need a flexible schedule and have support at home. Regular check-ins with the teacher is required. This innovative program is highly regarded and offers a music program and maker space.

    The Pathfinders logo embodies the belief and purpose of the Lancaster Alternative Virtual Academy, also known as LAVA.  We believe every child has their own educational path.  Every student is unique, so that means the journey should look different for every child.  Our job as a school is to support students, and help them navigate their educational journey.

     Our vision is to build self-driven learners, and help students learn how to advocate for their learning needs.

     Our mission is to provide educational pathways for all students, all of the time.

     Families who are interested in this program must attend an orientation before starting classes.

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