• Acknowledgment System

    Level 1 Acknowledgement: (Teacher and Team Led)

    This acknowledgement is based on students earning Monarch Bucks for demonstrating school-wide expectations. All staff will carry with them and hand out to students who are following the expected behaviors. A student may not ask for Monarch Bucks. During the first two weeks of school, teachers will be expected to teach expectations daily and recognize frequently by handing out and giving Monarch Bucks, verbal praise, stating exactly what the student is doing correctly. We will continue this practice throughout the year.

    Ideally, students should be given Monarch Bucks immediately following the behavior and be told exactly why they received it. In order to promote expected behavior, it is important that students know when and why they are being acknowledged.

    Level 2 Acknowledgement: (Team Led)

    Each quarter, students with 0 discipline referrals will be recognized with an additional acknowledgment (i.e. donuts, award, field day).

    Level 3 Acknowledgement: (Team Led)

    Staff will hold all-school celebrations monthly throughout the year to recognize the hard work of all students. All school celebration activities could be things such as special dress days, fancy lunch, extra recess, popcorn party, etc.