Attendance Office

  •  Welcome to the Attendance Office's online portal.

     There are 3 ways to clear your student's absences:

    - Write a note

    - Call the school at 661-729-6064

     If your student is going to be absent 2-5 days and you would like to request homework, please contact the Front Office Staff at 661-729-6064.

     Independent Study:

    Independent Study is for students who are going to be absent 5 or more days in the school year. Independent Study will be granted to those students whose records indicate that he/she will be a likely candidate for successful completion of the program. You will be contacted by the Independent Study Coordinator to notify you of the status of your request as soon as possible.

    If your child is approved to participate in the Independent Study Program, the Coordinator will contact you to schedule an appointment to sign the contract and pick up the student’s assignments. Parents and students are required to sign the contract in the presence of the Coordinator.

    All assignments must be completed fully and turned in to the Independent Study Coordinator.  The contract is binding.  All work must be turned in to the Independent Study Coordinator on the morning of the “Date Returning to School” (noted above), also listed on the contract.  

    Failure to do so will result in loss of credit and denial of future participation in the program.

    If you are interested in getting your student on Independent Study please contact:

    Parent Square

         Parent Square