• PBIS at The Leadership Academy

  • At The Leadership Academy all students follow the same set of rules and expectations through all areas in the school. These rules and expectations are displayed as a matrix throughout the school. Our students and staff are expected to HOWL.

  • HOWL stands for:

    H - Have Respect

    O - Own Your Actions

    W - Work And Play Safely

    L - Lead By Example

  • HOWL Logo

  • When students follow the rules and expectations, they are recognized. Students receive "HOWL Tickets" for HOWLing and doing well academically. They are able to use their HOWL tickets to purchase things in the student store once a week. Students are also able to attend FaceTime once a week if they are going above and beyond in HOWLing on our campus. FaceTime is a time when students can enjoy their accomplishments while playing video games and other activities and eating snacks provided by the wonderful staff at The Leadership Academy.

    If students are struggling to HOWL on our campus, we have the opportunity to asses their needs via Student Study Team (SST) meetings, Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP), Functional Behavior Assesments (FBA), 504 Plans, and Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Our teachers also help the students in the class by developing personalized interventions for our students in order to meet their needs. They do this by differentiating instruction, replacing undesirable behavior with new behaviors, altering environments to help students learn, and acknowledge appropriate behavior more frequently.