• Student Tech Support - Use this link if you'd like to submit a work order directly with us. You can also call us at 661-206-0120. 

    PowerSchool App

    • PowerSchool App (iOS)
    • PowerSchool App (Android)
    • The app will ask for a district code: TMPG
    • Note! You can set notifications in the app so you're alerted when the grade changes. 
    • Click on the grade, and all the assignments that make up that grade will appear.

    How to set up a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account: Video (or en Espanol)

    Troubleshooting Your Connection (call us if you need a Chromebook or hotspot) 

    • Turn off video in Webex or Zoom and close all unnecessary windows and tabs
    • Check your internet speed by Googling "Speed Test." Click on the blue "Run Speed Test" button and note the upload and download speed. Webex requires at least 3 Mbps. If you have less, give us a call.
    • Restart your Chromebook (here's how). 
    • Forget the network you're connected to and reconnect. (here's how)
    • Still having trouble?  Call us and we'll help! 661-206-0120

    For questions about Google Classroom, contact your child's teacher, who can give specific support. 

    6th grade - Ms. daGama, Mrs. Stephens, Ms. Maltby, Ms. Haser

    7th grade - Mrs. Reynolds, Mr. Jacobsen, Mr. Sprague, Mr. Cortez

    8th grade - Miss Johnson, Ms. Summey, Ms. Quinn, Mr. Day

    PE - Coach Godde, Coach Furman

    Counselor - Mr. Gutierrez

    Staff, if you're having issues you can submit a problem to our IT department: Staff Tech Support