• Principal’s Message

    April 2021

    Dear Nighthawk Families,

    This pandemic has been hard. Two of our students lost a parent this year and others have lost grandparents and other relatives. Our hearts go out to you. We grieve those losses.

    Our teachers are fully committed to excellence, and despite the circumstances, they are working diligently to provide the very best instruction possible. I want to thank them for their perseverance. This has not been an easy time, but we want to continue to educate our students and to fulfill our mission of making middle school fun, challenging, and awesome!

    I got word recently that Anthony Nunez, who graduated from Fulton & Alsbury in 2016, received a full ride scholarship to Stanford through the Quest Bridge program. We’re overjoyed at that news, and we know that many students will continue to find a great deal of success. And we know that doesn’t mean making the most money or attending the best school. It does mean showing the best character and being the best you can be.

    What are you going to do with this one, beautiful, amazing life? I challenge you to do hard things. You can do it. And you’ll be glad you did.

    All the best,

    Dr. Glatfelter

     Scorpion 4

    I suppose a little biographical background might be interesting to share:

    Mission Viejo High School, IB full diploma.

    B.A., The Master’s University.  Biblical Studies major with an emphasis in Missions and Biblical Languages.

    M.A., CSU Bakersfield. Master’s in Education: Curriculum and Instruction, core emphasis in educational technology.

    Ed.D., UCLA. Doctorate in Educational Leadership. 


    Antelope Valley Christian School. 5th Grade. 1999-2000.

    Desert View Elementary. 4th Grade. 2000-2006.

    Assistant Principal. Piute Middle School. 2006-2009.

    Principal. Piute Middle School. 2009-2011.

    Principal. Discovery School. 2011-2016. First principal.

    Principal. Fulton & Alsbury Academy. 2016-present. First principal.

    I taught two college courses for CSU Bakersfield’s master’s degree program, Educational Research and Educational Statistics, while one of the professors was on sabbatical. 

    Other interesting things:

    I ran three solo marathons in 2021. Although I'm not a runner, I was curious how far I could go. I had a lot of fun testing my limits. 

    I’ve climbed Mt. Whitney three times, once with my brother-in-law, once with my wife, and once with the Piute staff. 

    I was an honorary commander at Edwards AFB for two years, assigned to the Electronic Warfare Group.

    I rode my bicycle for 138 miles, from Seaport Village in San Diego to the Santa Monica Pier, in a day.  I have a goal to ride from Death Valley to the Whitney Portal, which would be over 130 miles and an elevation gain of over 14,000 feet.

    My mother’s cousin’s husband’s great-uncle is Ernest Hemmingway.  True story.

    I moved the "Immovable Ladder" at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem in 1997. It now gets air quotes. 

    I’m known to run outside when I hear the rumble of unusual aircraft, to listen to the Sound of Freedom. 

    And I’ve never been to Boston in the fall.


     Banana Principal