• Physical Education 6th, 7th, 8th

    Students participating in Physical Education at EMS will develop a strong sense of self-respect.  They will realize that success is not dependent on athletic ability, but on good sportsmanship, participation, fair play, teamwork, effort, and concentration.

  • Curriculum


    The program will focus on the establishment of lifetime habits and values, including positive self-image, physical fitness, and sportsmanship.  Students and staff will value activities for their enjoyment, health benefits, and character development.

    Homework Expectations

    PE does not assign daily homework.

    Absences:  For each absence, students may do a make-up assignment.  The make-up assignment is a one page report that covers any sport, health, fitness, or physical education topic.  Students are responsible for turning in the make-up assignment in a timely manner.  All make-up work must be turned in prior to the last weeks of the semester. All assignments must be hand written.  No computer, word processor, or typed assignments will be accepted. Absences 
    or school sponsored activities: sports, clubs, field trips, etc. do not require a make-up assignment.


    Classroom Supplies/Donation Requests


    P.E. Clothes: Students may purchase their PE clothes through the P.E. department. (Cash or money order)

    • Shirts: $10 Shorts: $10 Sweatpants: $15  
    • Hooded Pullover Sweatshirts: $20
    • Drawstring Backpacks: $5
    • Sweats Package: Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt and Sweatpants $30
    • Sport Package: P.E. T-Shirt, PE Shorts, Sweatpants and Hooded           
    • Pullover Sweatshirt $50

    Alternate PE Uniform - Students may bring an alternate PE uniform from home. Alternate uniforms must be a plain gray crew neck t-shirt and black gym shorts (NO PRE-PRINTED LOGOS OR WRITING).  Sweatpants and sweatshirts can be black or gray with NO LOGOS. For safety reasons, NO JACKETS or anything with zippers or buttons are to be worn out to PE as they may cause injury during activity. Sweatshirts must be pullover in style, they may have hoods attached if you wish but are not required. 

    Footwear : Athletic type socks and shoes are also required and must be laced up and tied properly to help prevent injury- NO BOOTS, SANDALS, SLIP-ONS, CROCS, ETC.

  • Teachers

  • Coach Gonzales

    • 17 years with the Lancaster school district
    •  California State University Northridge, California State University Bakersfield, Devry Institute Of Technology
    •  B.S. in Kinesiology, Single Subject  Teaching Credential
    • Love to SnowBoard, Hike, Bike Ride, and PaintBalling
  • Coach Gridler


    • 20th year of teaching 2022/2023 
    • Associates Degree Letters Arts and Science at Antelope Valley College
    • Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies at Cal State University Bakersfield
    • Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction Cal State University Bakersfield
    • SPARK Certified Instructor
    • NASP Certified Instructor
    • Multiple and Single Subject Teaching Credentials
    • PADI Certified Instructor


  • Coach Brandenburg


    • 3 years with Lancaster School District (2022/2023)
    • Bachelors of Art in Health and Physical Education from Cedarville University (2019)
    • Master's in Physical Education from Azusa Pacific University (2022)
    • Certified Adapted Physical Education teacher- Azusa Pacific University (2022)
    • Enjoys: Softball, Hiking, Running, Camping, and Skiing