• Social Studies 

    With our nation and the world at large changing daily, it is important that the next generation of American citizens is prepared to meet the rolls and requirements that will befall them.  Here at Endeavour our Social Studies department works to teach our students the history of the ancient world (6th - 7th grade) and the history of our own great country (8th grade) all the while using the knowledge they are learning about the choices and actions of those who have come before as a lens to look at current events unfolding in our world today.  All my students know, "We learn about the past so we can make educated decisions for our future!"

    What if your favorite thing about Social Studies? "I love the fact that teaching students History is like giving them a guide to life; it shows them what other people have done in similar situations and they can choose to repeat that choice or change it." - Mrs Towles

  • Goals 

     Students will learn how historians and scientists work together to understand and interpret the past. They will also learn how geography helps us understand our place in the world, and how to look at evidence, point of view, and citizenship.s


    7th Grade:
    Medieval & Early Modern Times

    8th Grade:
    United States History & Geography Growth and Conflict.


    Homework Expectations

     Students will willingly complete homework and return it to school on time.


    Feild Trips and Special Events



    Classroom Supplies/Donation Requests

    Classroom Supplies:
    Colored pencils, paper, pencil, organizer for materials, backpack, and earbuds/earphones.

    Kleenex, glue sticks, colored pencils, pencils, and disinfecting wipes.


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  • Teachers

  • Mr. Berckes 


    • Grew up in Pittsburgh, PA
    • Served in the US Air Force
    • Community Theater Actor
    • Street Performing Magician


  • Mr. Farmer


    • 26 years in education
    • Attended Chapman University
    • Hold Science, Health, and Social Science teaching credentials
    • Fun Facts: Own two houses in Spain and ran with the bulls in Pamplona.


  • Mr. Conte