• 6th Grade


    In addition to mastering curriculum and state standards in all subjects, our goal is to build positive digital citizens and prepare students for real-life experiences.

  • Curriculum


    Science - NGSS Hands-on investigations focused on: 

    1. Biology/life science - Cellular Systems including Genetics
    2. Physical Science - Weather systems, Earth Conservation and human impact on Earth Systems
    3. Science is everywhere!


    1. Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
    2. Ratios - Unit Rates
    3. Operations with Decimals
    4. Coordinate plane with positive and negative numbers
    5. Beginning algebraic equations
    6. area and perimeter of 2-D and 3D quadrilaterals and triangles
    7. Graphs and graphing 

    Social Studies

    1. World History Civilizations
    2. Focuses on: Geography, Religion, Accomplishments, Politics, Economics, and Social Class
    3. Multiple Hands On/Art/Writing Projects throughout the year, such as mummifying chickens, Chinese lanterns, Henna hand decorations, and a pharaoh research project.  

    Language Arts

    1. StudySync is used as our key learning material for English. This includes poems, short stories such as Eleven, excerpts from novels of both fiction and nonfiction literature. 
    2. We write 2 - 3 essays during the year to help us learn new skills as well as improve on the techniques learned in the past.
    3. We also use supplemental stories to reinforce our new skills.


    Homework Expectations


    Math - Homework is given daily. Homework help is offered if needed
    Science - Homework is given at individual teacher discretion
    Language Arts - Homework is given at individual teacher discretion
    Social Studies- Homework is given at individual teacher discretion

    Feild Trips and Special Events


    Career Day
    Military Dog Demonstration
    End of the year field trip - Drytown

    Classroom Supplies/Donation Requests


    • Dry Erase Markers
    • Wipes
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Computer Paper
    • Lines Paper
    • Graphing Paper
    • Pencils
    • Boxes of Tissues
    • Spiral Notebooks
    • Donations of money for Field Trip Funding
    • Earbuds or headphones



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    For HMH and other student resources

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  • Teachers

  • Mr. Hendrix

    Male Silhouette

    • 9 years in education
    • Attended both Antelope Valley College and University of Phoenix 
    • Obtained my Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies and a Multiple Subject Credential
    • Fun Fact: Went on a month long tour playing music all over Europe including countries such as Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. It was an incredible experience!
  • Mrs. Aguiar

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    • Math and Science teacher
    • 15 years experience in education
    • BYU Graduate


  • Mrs. Brown

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    • Math and Science teacher
    • 25 years experience in education
    • CSUN Graduate


  • Mrs. Roberts

     Feminine Silhouette 

    • 22 years in education 
    • Bachelor's in Communications with a minor in African American literature
    • Master's in Education Administration
    • Special Education credential 
    • Fun facts:  I love art, shopping at thrift stores, dachshunds, and gardening.
  • Mrs. Johnson

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    • Math and Science teacher
    • 16 years experience in education
    • Master’s in Education Administration
    • Master’s in Special Education


  • Mrs. Whelchel


    • Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher
    • CSUB Graduate
    • 2 years of teaching