Frequently Asked Questions about COVID Procedures in Our Schools

  • Frequently Asked Questions on Blackboard

      Safety FAQs

      • Q: How will health and safety rules be followed?

      • Q: Will there be additional help in the classroom and at school to make sure guidelines are met?

      • Q: How will you ensure the safety and health of special needs students while at school?

      • Q: What are the school’s rules about social distancing?

      • Q: Is my child allowed to share any items with another student?

      Health FAQs

      • Q: What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

      • Q: What should I do before I bring my child to school?

      • Q: What if my child is showing symptoms?

      • Q: What if someone in our household tested positive for COVID-19?

      • Q: What if my child needs a COVID test?

      Protection FAQs

      • Q: Does my child require a face covering while at school?

      • Q: What happens if my child forgets to bring a face covering?

      • Q: Would any mask suffice or is there a certain type I must wear?