School Libraries

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    Lancaster School District believes that students who read, are students who achieve!

    Every school has a physical library on campus. 

    Every student and staff member also has access 24/7 to our digital library SORASora Library



    To provide students and staff with educational materials in all forms to improve academic success and support the enjoyment of learning.

    Permission Slip: 

    Parents/Guardians allow permission to check out books when they complete the student's registration. If a parent changes their mind during the school year, then contact the school office.

    Selection of Materials:

    Materials selected for the library are determined by teacher request, student request, and to support curriculum needs of the school. Other criteria to be used are: age appropriateness of material and reading level. Material ordered by school libraries must be reviewed and approved by the site administrator.
    Material will not be purchased that contains sexual content, excessive profanity, or excessive violence. Specific titles that may be questionable should be read and reviewed by three staff members for age appropriateness. Staff members for the review process may include administration, teachers, and library staff. Reviews of these materials must be kept on file in the school library. (See Library Review Form)

    Library staff will check material for content and reading level before purchasing. Sites that are recommended are: Scholastic, AR Book Find, Titlewave, and Barnes & Noble.

    Damaged Library or Textbooks

    Students are responsible for the care of textbooks and library materials. Lost or damaged materials should be paid for by the parent or guardian. However, if the parent refuses or is unable to pay, the student should be allowed to repay the amount in the following manner with the approval of the site administrator:

    • Helping in the library
    • Reading with a younger group
    • Tutoring
    • Or other school services

    Lost books/material should only limit a child’s check out privileges for one school year. Limited check out privileges include the ability to only check out one book at a time. Lost material will only be recorded on a child’s account for 3 years. After 3 years the material will be taken as a loss.

    Access to Materials:

    Students are encouraged to check out materials during their scheduled time to the library. Students who need new materials may check out another book, with the teacher’s permission, at any time the library staff is on campus.

    Teachers who need materials from the library must check out materials with the library staff. Materials should not be removed without the library staff’s knowledge. Library staff can pull books for special units of study in a classroom. Instructional staff need to plan in advance when materials are needed.

    Library Content: 

    To support the adoption of Common Core Standards, library materials will contain 50% Fiction and 50% Non-Fiction

    Non-fiction titles should support units of study provided by Lancaster School District Educational Services. Selections should include the following:

    • Historical Events
    • Scientific Ideas and Concepts
    • Technical Procedures/Steps
    • Differing perspectives and points of view
    • Biographies and memoirs

    Fictional titles will also support units of study provided by Lancaster School District Educational Services. Students should be exposed to a wide variety of genres including classic and modern fiction. Materials should be age appropriate.

    Library materials may also include digital resources including visual libraries, music libraries, and research collections.


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