Continuous Improvement, Compliance, & Accountability

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Vision of the Department of Continuous Improvement, Compliance & Accountability

  • The Vision of the Continuous Improvement Department is to support students by working alongside educators and school leadership to identify areas of need, support the development of goals, and promote innovative thinking and problem solving around resource allocation with the overall objective of improving the educational setting for ALL students in Lancaster. 



  • Continuous Improvement, Compliance & Accountability Services

    Leadership Support

    • Administrative coaching and mentoring in the areas of collective leadership, equitable resource allocation, building equitable school communities, and supporting equitable learning environments
    • Training of Instructional Leadership Teams in the Continuous Improvement Process
    • Coaching and supporting leaders around the key principles of improvement
    • Support and coach administrators in building systems within their schools that support improvement

    State and Federal Programs & Accountability

    • Support the allocation of both State and Federal fiscal resources 
    • Support school sites and leadership in understanding a wide variety of data in order to enhance their understanding of their school systems
    • Facilitate compliance monitoring, including but not limited to Federal Program Monitoring 
    • Oversee charter school authorization 
    • Oversee Equitable Services 
    • Facilitate the Consolidated Application 

    District Strategic Planning

    • Facilitation of the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)
    • Monitoring of the LCAP 
    • Collaboration with educational partners to support actions and services directed through the LCAP
    • Serves as the key liaison for the districts Differentiated Assistance efforts

    School and District Improvement

    • Coordination and facilitation of the District-Site-Leadership Team
    • Facilitation of the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)
    • Training and support for School Site Councils 
    • Facilitation of the Continuous Improvement cycle at both the site and district level
    • Support Instructional Leadership Teams 
    • Facilitate the school improvement model for both Comprehensive Support and Improvement and, Additional Targeted Support and Improvement Schools

    Learning Supports and Specialized Academic Programming

    • Facilitation and engagement with school sites around the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program 
    • Support of the Visual and Performing Arts Program 
    • Facilitation of Migrant Education
    • Support of Gifted and Talented Education 
    • Support school sites in accessing and acquiring tutoring services

Contact Us

  • Dr. Jordan Goines, Director of Continuous Improvement, Compliance, and AccountabilityYolanda Cortez, Bilingual Administrative Secretary
    661-948-4661 ext 241
    Jennifer Padilla, Data and Assessment Technician, 661-948-4661 ext 245


Last Modified on May 14, 2024