• California Teacher Induction Program (Lancaster-Eastside School Districts)

    Is a state-funded induction program that is locally designed and implemented to support the professional development of newly-credentialed, beginning teachers as well as provide a pathway for teachers to fulfill the requirements for the California Clear Multiple and Single Subjects Credentials.

     The Lancaster-Eastside Teacher Induction Program is the bridge that spans the stage between teacher preparation programs and full licensure through the attainment of a clear credential.  The Induction Program elements fit into three categories.

    • Individualized support of the candidate by a trained Mentor who is an experienced, proficient educator.
    • Structured program elements including "just in time" mentoring, individualized learning plans, and focus on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.
    • A variety of professional development opportunities that support a participating teacher's identified professional goals as well as the goals of the class, school, and district.

    Lancaster-Eastside Teacher Induction Program Goals

    1. Retain high-quality teachers
    2. Offer an improved Induction Program by which teachers have the opportunity to earn a Professional Clear Teaching Credential based on best practices and current research
    3. Provide on-going professional development that builds on skills and knowledge developed in teacher preparation programs in alignment with the Learning-To-Teach Continuum
    4. Partner experienced, trained Mentors with Candidates to assist them in gaining a deeper understanding of the connection between effective teaching and student learning
    5. Support class, school, and district goals for increasing student achievement in relation to the adopted academic content standards in core curricular areas
    6. Promote instructional practice and reflection based on student learning data and established professional criteria
    7. Continue to improve Induction Program services to meet the needs of California teachers and students through data-collection, evaluation review, and planning.

     Please visit our website for more information:

      Lancaster-Eastside Teacher Induction Program

     Induction Facilitator

    Michelle Lambeth

    (661) 723-0351 x323 



     Induction Facilitator

    Renee Rubio

    (661) 723-0351 x322



    Induction Secretary

    Connie Hobson

    (661) 723-0351 X321


    Credential Analyst for Lancaster School District

    Brenda Lewis-Hawkins

    (661) 948-4661 ext. 153



    Credential Analyst for Lancaster School District

    Marbella Flores

    (661) 948-4661 ext. 197


    Credential Analyst for Eastside Union School District

    Ileana Diaz

    (661) 952-1200 ext. 315