• Progress Monitoring of English Learners

    English learners are monitored and regularly assessed, including those who have opted out of ELD services, in both English language proficiency (ELP) and content knowledge. This includes the Summative ELPAC, CAASPP, reading and math diagnostic tests, and district English Language Development (ELD) benchmarks. 

    Our rigorous monitoring system allows us to monitor ELs’ progress over time, determine when students are not making appropriate progress, and provide additional support to enable ELs to reach English proficiency and gain grade-level content knowledge. 

    Exiting Students From the English Learner Program 

    The goal of the Multilingual Learner Program is to give students options and opportunities in learning. We monitor English learners' progress and make every effort to exit them as soon as it is appropriate.

    We follow the Lancaster School District Reclassification Criteria to ensure that ELs have achieved sufficient English proficiency to effectively participate in grade-level content instruction in English without ELD services. 


    1. ELPAC score of 4

    2. Teacher evaluation

    3. Parent consultation

    4. i-Ready Reading relative placement of "On Grade Level" or

    CAASPP ELA score of 3 or higher

    English learners with disabilities, including those with severe cognitive disabilities, are provided the same opportunities to be reclassified as students without disabilities. Lancaster School District utilizes multiple measures and multiple criteria in determining whether a student has acquired sufficient English skills to perform successfully in academic subjects and meet IEP goals without language support.

    Considering all guidelines, criteria, resources, and the individual needs of each dual-identified English learner, the IEP team will determine the following:

    • Appropriate measures of English language proficiency (ELP)

    • Appropriate measures of performance in basic skills

    • Minimum levels of proficiency that would be equivalent to an English-proficient peer with similar disabilities in accordance with district reclassification policies

    • Reclassification Rainbow


    Progress Monitoring of Reclassified Students

    After students have been reclassified, we continue to monitor their academic progress for four years to ensure that they have not been prematurely exited, that any academic deficits incurred as a result of receiving ELD services have been remedied, and that they are meaningfully participating in the general instructional program. 

    Reclassified students are still considered English learners on the California Dashboard. If an exited student is not progressing academically as expected and monitoring suggests a persistent language need, we may offer extended EL services.