Emergency Preparedness

  • Emergencies can happen at any time and in any place.  That is why it is critical for schools to be prepared to respond to an emergency at a time when the children are at school.  In addition, students are taught by the staff what to do when an emergency, such as a fire, occurs at school.

    In preparation for a variety of emergencies, Lancaster School District holds at least two drills monthly to prepare students, staff, and visitors to respond to emergency situations.  There are three types of drills that are conducted in the Lancaster School District:

    1. Fire drill - held monthly;
    2. Earthquake/disaster drill - held quarterly (2 drills held as a district-wide drill in the fall and spring and 2 held at the discretion of the school's administrator and/or Safety Committee); and
    3. Lockdown drill - held at least quarterly.

    Following a drill, the school's safety committee discusses any issues that surface in order to eliminate any potential problems should a true emergency occur.  Problems that can not be corrected are then brought to the District Safety Committee to be discussed and solutions proposed.

    Only through preparedness, regular practice, and teamwork will students and staff effectively respond to an emergency on campus.

    Students in Lancaster School District can be prepared too!  Through a partnership with the American Red Cross, students may participate in a one-hour presentation covering home fire safety, earthquake preparedness, and Health and Safety precautions for preventing COVID-19 spread.  If you would like your child to participate in a preparedness presentation, contact your school to find out when a presentation can be scheduled.